Ahhhhh a blog! I'm so excited/nervous to bring you all my very first blog! The thought of blogging (for me) is a little overwhelming. 1. I don't want to get it wrong. 2. Am I even cool enough to be giving out advice? (lol!)

At the same time, most of the direct messages, comments and emails I get are – how do I purchase my first home? What foundation are you using? Do you have any renting tips for me? Where did you get that dress?

I have been so busy trying to get to all of the questions and humbled at the thought that you all want my advice! I want to be able to help each and every one of you with -- so, here we are!

Consider this blog a way for me to get more in depth with you all about everything from beauty, my work (estate tips, notes on interesting new prosperities and developments, and tips on how to improve your experience with home selling/buying, etc.), my style, my family, and of course my random thoughts.

I hope that you find my blog to be a great source of information and visit often :) Eventually I will get the hang of this thing!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you all would like me to share! If you stumble across any posts that you feel may be helpful for others, feel free to share!

This the beginning of an exciting journey where information is relevant, tips are useful, and where questions can be asked.


Gossip Girl (Jk!)