Day parties, unlimited mimosas, and lots of laughs in Washington, D.C. makes for a great bachelorette trip! My cousin is getting married, and we (her closest friends and I) celebrated the big day in one of my favorite cities this past weekend.

As you all may know (because I'm SO proud and yell it every chance I get), I am a proud graduate of the illustrious Howard University! Some of the best years of my life were spent in D.C., so you can imagine my excitement when she announced it was where she wanted to celebrate! When you think “bachelorette party,” you automatically think tequila shots, Bride sashes, and inappropriate accessories – let me just say, if you thought any of these things, you are SPOT ON! If you follow me on social media, you know we checked off almost every cliché in the book: the tiara, the sash, the matching shirts, and the posed group photos. It was a fun weekend for everyone, and I am so proud to say- I SURVIVED!! Check out the weekend deets below: On Saturday morning, we checked in to the Watergate Hotel in Georgetown! The hotel, known mostly for the Nixon scandal back in 1974 was to die for! The 60's retro décor made me feel like I was in a throwback episode of 'Scandal'! Super luxurious! After checking in to our rooms, freshening up, and meeting all of the ladies, our morning started with the essentials, Starbucks and a mimosa! First thing planned-- FOOD! We took off to Orange Anchor, a super cute brunch spot in Georgetown with an amazing waterfront view. If you all ever visit, please order the sangria and the oysters. SO YUMMY! Sidenote: While we were at Orange Anchor, my Baller Wives trailer aired on ESPN!! So crazy to see myself on TV mid brunch lol! We all started screaming in excitement! Anyway, we finished off brunch with a toast to our careers, a night of fun, and Morgans nuptuals! After we left Orange Anchor, we hit the most lit day party ever at Rosebar. I'm not sure why, but day drunk is the best kind of drunk there is. We had a blast dancing the day away. The bride-to-be had one too many drinks in true bride-to-be fashion lol!. Thankfully she has the best Maid of Honor ever and I was there to force feed her all the bread and water she needed to survive. Luckily she kept it cute-ish. Lol! I'm not sure if we had plans post day-party, but if we did, we didn't make them. Sunday we spent the day drinking wine, wine, and more wine!

Our first stop was Zephaniah Farm Vineyard, a small whimsical family owned winery. The winery was gorgeous with a nice family history. The main tasting room is in the living room of the family home built in 1820. Our host Bonnie was amazing! She kept the group laughing, talking, and made us all feel comfortable.

Next stop, Stone Tower Winery (Literally the Taj Mahal of winery's). The views were to die for! We spent the remainder of our Sunday just enjoying each other’s company with drinks, good food and lots of laughs. I would highly recommend this for your next get-together with your girlfriends! Next up on my Maid-of-honor to do list, my speech. Ahhh! Wish me luck! I'm sure a wedding recap is also in my blog plans, keep you all updated!