SEASON RECAP: #BallerWives

Whhheeew! What a ride! Baller Wives Season 1 is officially over! Did you all tune in for the season finale? If you missed it, check it out here. I still cant believe it happened, let alone that its already over! lol! I promised to share my #BallerWives experience with you all, so here we are! I'll try to touch on the drama surrounding me as best as I can, I'm trying not to be too messy in the 2017th year of our lord. First, I have to start by thanking you all for tuning in! I am honestly overwhelmed by all of the positive tweets and messages. I enjoyed some of the negative ones too lol! "Ya'll be talking crazy under them IG pictures!" *Jay-Z voice* I have to say though, interacting with you all via twitter, texts, dms, and comments may have been the most fun part of the whole experience! The GIF's are too real! I was scrolling through twitter like, "Girl!","Right!". I experienced a lot of the juicy/shady moments with you all so I was feeling a lot of the same emotions. Filming with my girls (Kijafa, Jeniva, Emmaly, DeDe, and Megan...#noshade... just thought I'd be clear--LOL) was also an awesome experience for me! Having to film allowed us to let our hair down often (with a pretty valid excuse)! We shared literally a million jokes, countless group texts, a few tears of exhaustion, and lots and lots of cocktails!

Though you all didn't get to see much of our laughs, these moments made this experience all worth it.

So.... I almost got out peachy and drama free (which was totally goals)..... then came Miko. Lol! I always say "you have to take the good with the bad," and unfortunately, my Season 1 experience had a hint of bad. When Channing and I signed on to film the show, we had a detailed convo on what it would mean for our family, specifically our children.

We listed the positives and negatives (I do this every time I have to make a tough decision lol!) and decided to move forward with including them in the experience. Felt like it was our small part in showcasing the black family in a positive light. *praise break* I will say VH1 did an excellent job of doing just that. Loved all of the family moments we got to see! *end praise break* We knew by having the children film, that we'd be opening them up to public scrutiny and negative commentary here and there, buuuuutt....we didn't expect it to come from our cast mates.

Re: Miko. From what I understood, Mikos issue was with my husband. She was under the impression that Channing got her fired from her job after saying negative things about her on his radio show on 560 WQAM. #Pluglife.

(In my opinion, the thought alone is silly. Why would a huge corporation fire a radio personality because another personality thinks its best......see, silly.) In Episode 1, when Miko and I spoke one on one on the yacht about the issue at hand, we determined the conversation that needed to happen to resolve the issue, needed to happen with Channing. We were able to quiet the situation in the moment knowing that a convo with Channing would ultimately solve the issue. ..... following me? During Episode 2 at my #luxurylistingexperience, Miko and Channing were able to have the conversation she needed to move on with a potential friendship. I was present, as was Mikos husband Brent. Channing explained that he had nothing to do with Miko getting fired and the only time he did mention her on his show was post her termination. He only spoke on Miko because 'Brent Grimes' wife arrested at Dolphins game' was major Miami sports news.... and after all, Channings job is to talk sports news. From what I saw, Miko and Brent understood that. Now, in my mind, the issue was resolved. It seems I was mistaken LOL! I only felt it was important for Miko and I to be cordial because our kids attend the same school and are in the same class. A private school with very few people of color. Why wouldn't we (as black women) look out for each other? My expectations were obviously too high. I'm still not too sure why Miko thought my child's in class behavior had anything to do with her issue with me and my husband, or why she felt the need to bring it up. As I said Ep. 1, I am in constant communication with my sons teacher. There is no way my son could be involved in something as big as a fight and me not hear of it. So, to my son being bullied, fighting often, and constantly being in time-out........ #CHILDPLEASE!

The situation has become draining at this point and I'm honestly just over it. I have been avoiding her negativity like the plague and I will continue to do just that. Miko is free to work out any further unresolved issues she may have on her own. *Back to Baller Wives bliss* So, aside from having to hear about my child's in class behavior from someone who isn't physically in his class, I'd say the experience was a pretty good one for me. I got to play dress up everyday, laugh with my girls, and share my life with you all! I've been getting a few questions about a #BallerWives Season 2! I wish I had the answer! Buuut when I do find out, I'll be sure to let you all know! In the event that we don't have a Season 2, I'd like to thank you all again for watching! I hope my family and I were able to make some kind of impact/lasting impression on you all (big or small)! I've gotten a few messages from college students asking for advice, new realtors asking for tips, and a few mothers asking how to balance it all. Messages that make me feel like I made a good decision letting you all in! I'll continue to blog, tweet, and share my experiences with you all! I hope you'll continue to keep up with me :) -Aja